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[Canto 1]
  1. OM! To the Protector be homage paid, to You, praise of the bringer of veneration at the Feet of the Lord, everlastingly. The honoured Subtile in the profundity of meditation, Shiwa- Buddha is He, material-immaterial by nature, the honoured Illustrious Protector of Mountains, Protector of the protectorless He is surely, Ruler over the rulers of the world, the honoured Spirit of the spiritual, the Ideal, the Unconceivable of the unconceivable, Existing: there is an apparition of Him in the world.
  2. Penetrating, mastering, pervading the whole of existence, Nirguna is He to the Wishnuite by denomination, to the yogin (adept in concentration): Ishwara, Porusa to Kapila, Jambhala in the material is He, being the Spirit of wealth, the Illustrious Wagindra is He, being the Spirit of material learn- ing, Manasija is He in the doctrine of love, at the removal of obstacles: Prayoga, Yamaraja is He, having for fruit the world's welfare.
  3. Such is the purpose of him who praises His Feet: he is wishing to write in poetry the tale of the Prince, the honoured Illustrious Protector in Wilwa Tikta (Majapahit), our lord Rajasanagara, the powerful Ruler. Manifestly the Lord Protector's birth is He, doing away with the impurities of the realm. The whole of the Javanese country is most submissive, obedient; and even so are the other countries.
  4. In the Shaka-year seasons-arrows-sun (1256 = 1334 A.D.), it is said, at his birth, the Prince has been inaugurated already as Prabhu, as a porphyrogenetos Protector in Kahuripan; the tokens of His being superhuman, wonderful, were: an earthquake, the earth rumbled, rain of ashes, thunder, flashes of lightning turning about in the sky, the mountain Kampud collapsed, annihilated were the bad people, the rascals, dead without a gasp.
  5. Such is His definition: that He is Lord Girinatha in the material, having become a Prabhu, excellent. Such is the aspect during His reign: the whole of the Javanese country there is helpless, bowed, stooping, humble, the wipras (brahmins), kshatriyas (noblemen), waishyas (third estate) and shudras (commoners), the caturashrama (popular anchorites "Four Hermitages") alike versed in their set tasks. All of the bad people are giving up their evil minds, only fearing the manfulness of the honoured Prabhu.
[Canto 2]
  1. Now the honoured Illustrious Rajapatni, the renowned, She was the Illustrious Prince's Grandmother, the honoured, by aspect the Lady Parama-Bhagavati's embodiment, the Screen of the world, powerful, zealous in yoga (concentration), the commemoration of the Buddha was practised by Her unremittingly, being a wearer of the habit, an ancient bald-headed nun. In the Shaka-year sight-seven-sun (1272 = 1350 A.D.) was Her decease; being released, she aspired to the Buddha's place.
  2. At the Illustrious Rajapatni's returning home to the Jina's estate, the world was left mournful, bewildered. At the accession of the Illustrious Protector, residing in Majapahit, thereupon it was well-pleased, practising submissiveness unremittingly. The Illustrious Protector's Mother, the honoured Illustrious Tribhuwana Wijayottunggadewi, took his place, residing in the Royal residence, there, in the Jiwana-compound ; She, to be sure, took care of the Illustrious Prince.
[Canto 3]
  1. Naturally submissive She is, treating as a Mother the worshipful the Illustrious Rajapatni-Mistress, faithfully following the course of duties of the Buddhist denomination, performing the ceremonies at the feet of the honoured dead one. Unseparated is the Illustrious Kertawardhana-Master, Father in relation to the Illustrious Prince-Overlord; with his consort firm are They in the Buddha's Path, bringing about the rejoicing of the world.
  2. Now the Illustrious Ruler the honoured Father of the Prince resides in Singasari, firmly, manifestly the holy eminent Ratnasambhawa is He, standing in the fixed relation of serving others in the world. Steadfastly He is exerting Hirnself for the increase of the world, there, in order that it be faithful and submissive to our lord, engaged in the carrying out of concerns, always reflecting, a superintendent most clever in management.
[Canto 4]
  1. Further, our lord's Mother, the honoured Princess, younger sister in relation to mylady of Jiwana, renowned as mylady Rajadewi Maharajasa, the blameless, She, to be sure, is obeyed in Daha, peerless in personal appearance, in the sixfold statecraft, equally with mylady of Jiwana an aspect of Sudewi, in halves.
  2. The consort of mylady is the honoured one who resides in Wengker, in shape the holy Upendra, descended, Prince Wijayarajasa, peerless in personal appearance, clever, excellent, the equal of the Prince of Singasari, of one mind, firmly. He is familiar with all the doings in the peasants' lands all over the Javanese country.
[Canto 5]
  1. There is, to be sure, a younger sister of our lord in Wilwa Tikta (Majapahit), a Queen, the honoured one who resides in Lasem, amiable in beauty, daughter to the Illustrious Princess of Daha, renowned, the honoured Illustrious Rajasa's daughter, Indudewi, the blameless.
  2. Now the Illustrious Wardhana's daughter Ishwart is the youngest, a Queen residing in Pajang, peerless in charm and loveliness, daughter to the Illustrious Princess in Jiwana, renowned, being manifestly a younger sister in relation to the worshipful Prince.
[Canto 6]
  1. The Illustrious Prince's brothers-in-law, now, to be sure, have already equally received consecrations as Prabhus. The honoured Protector of Matahun is the consort of the Princess the honoured Queen of Lasem, doughty, the honoured Illustrious Rajasawardhana, renowned for personal appearance, most clever in management, not distinct from Smara and Pinggala's is the marriage of the honoured Protectors, praised by the world.
  2. The honoured Protector of Paguhan is the consort of the Princess the honoured Queen established in Pajang, celebrated as the Illustrious Prince Singhawardhana, handsome, young, virtuous, firm, glorious, in appearance Sanatkumara with the divine Ida's is Their marriage, submissive at the feet of our lord, lovingly taking care of the children, causing the towm to be well pleased.
  3. Naturally they have progeny, possessing a daughter, a Princess, the honoured one who resides in Wirabhumi, self-reliant, the honoured Illustrious Nagarawardhani, well-known, a queenly virgin, peerless; then a younger brother of mylady, a King, Ratu of Mataram, by aspect the holy Kumara, descended, the honoured Illustrious Wikramawardhana-Master, son-in-law to the Illustrious Prince-Overlord.
  4. The Illustrious Princess of Pajang's youngest (child) is obeyed, residing in the Pawwan-awwan-compound, a Queen, the Illustrious Surawardhani, in Her youth, a girl, by aspect Hajeng in the pictures. All Illustrious Javanese Kings and Queens, the honoured ones who equally are distinguished by their towns, each having one for his or her own, in one place, in Wilwa Tikta (Majapahit), they hold in their lap the honoured Prince-Overlord.
[Canto 7]
  1. To be described is the Illustrious Prince, His glory is: being the Daymaker's equal, a world-conquering Prabbu. Exterminated are the enemies, in shape: the darkness; all there is in the world is vanquished by the Prince. WeIl pleased are the good people: red lotus flowers; quiet are the bad people there: white lotus flowers, faithful, true. Orderly are the villages aIl over the country, giving wealth; in shape they are the water; (the wealth) is respectfully offered by them according to custom.
  2. By aspect the honoured holy Shatamanyu, raining over the world, is our lord, averting disasters from the realm. By aspect the holy Piterpati in the punishing of ignoble people, Baruna in the finding of wealth. By aspect the holy Bayu is He, penetrating in aIl places by means of messengers, everlastingly. By aspect Perthwi in the minding of the Royal compound ; His looks are like the Lord Moon's.
  3. In appearance: the shape of Kamadewa in the material, descended. looking at the pleasantness of the Royal compound. All the honoured common maidens, superior, our lord's women, are like parts of Ratih. Then, the honoured Illustrious Parameshwari, own daughter to Prince Wijayarajasa, excellent, is the chief lady, in appearance Susumnadewi, peerless in beauty, verily weIl-balanced with the Prince.
  4. Naturally they have progeny, having for child the worshipful the Princess Kusumawardhani-Mistress, a Queen, a Royal maid, blameless, obeyed in the compound in Kabalan, excellent in charm. The honoured Illustrious Wikramawardhana-Monarch will be perfectly Her match, is the saying of all the townsfolk. Manifestly a god and a goddess are They, going to be married in the future, causing the hearts of the world to rejoice.

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