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[Canto 70]
  1. Then in winds-eight-sun Shaka (1285 = 1363 A.D.) the Princes are to be described, making a tour to Simping. The honoured holy dharma (religious domain), so it was said, was to be moved. They had with them the widhi-widhana (offerings), anything in the shape of saji (ritual presents), in good order, there was no deficiency. Renowned is the honoured adhyaksa (superintendent) who offered puja (worship), the aryya (Honourable) Rajaparakrama.
  2. His worship was versed in the knowledge of Tattwopadesha (Instruction on Reality) Shiwagama (Shiwaite doctrine). He now performed the adhisthana (erection) ceremony for the honoured Illustrious Prince Kertarajasa. Properly were worked upon now the prasada (temple tower), the gopura (main gate), the mekhala (girdle wall). Renowned is the honoured aryya (Honourable) named Krung, zealous, who was allowed to take care.
  3. The Princes, going horne from Simping, were in haste to come to the Royal compound, anxious on account of the illness of the honoured mantri (mandarin) the adhimantri (chief mandarin) Gajah Mada. His worship had co-operated in the wished-for increase of Yawaland (Java) in the past. Bali, Sadeng are clear cases of that (well-known) success of his in annihilating enemies.

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