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CANTO 61-62

[Canto 61]
  1. Passing away was Time; the Prince was not for long in the Royal residence. Came Shaka two-elephants-sun (1282 = 1360 A.D.), Bhadra (August-September) was the month, at that time now the Illustrious Protector went to Tirib and Sompur. Game was densely crowded in that forest; it was aimed at, its losses were numerous.
  2. Then in Shaka three-bodies-sun (1283 = 1361 A.D.), in Waishakha (April-May), the Illustrious Protector performed worship, going to Palah with retinue. A long time anything that was pleasant was visited by Hirn, being pleased, in Lwang Wentar, Manguri, Balitar and Jimbe.
  3. Quietly from Balitar he went south following roads, inclining; meagre, without sap their trees; far away was the water. Then arriving in Lodaya He was several nights staying there. He liked the loveliness of the sea; it was walked along, following the shore.
  4. Parting from Lodaya He stayed in Simping, desiring to combine the restoration of the honoured holy dharma (religious domain) (with his Lodaya tour). How (grievous) was the ruin of the prasada (temple-tower)! Moreover therewas its remoteness towards the west. Such was the reason that it should be rebuilt towards the east in some measure.
[Canto 62]
  1. And now those measures equally were co-ordinated as to their accuracy with the charter. That was the reason why it was measured completely in fathoms, beginning with the east, it was marked off with posts finally. But then the honoured holy kuti (cloister hall) of Gurung-gurung was taken to be the site of the honoured holy dharma (domain). Gontong Wishnu-Rare was to be bajradhara (Tantric Buddhistic) land; that was the Illustrious Prince's compensation.
  2. At the Illustrious Prince's returning horne he took the road over Jukung Jro, Yanabajra, going eastward. Arriving he stopped in Bajra Laksmi, sojourning in Shurabhana in the eminent dharma (domain). In the morning of His leaving he was stopping in Bekel; in the evening he arrived in his own Royal residence. All the honoured ones who accompanied him also returned finally to their own houses, everybody.

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