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CANTO 13-16

[Canto 13]
  1. The aspect of the islands of all sorts: the principal ones are all those that belong to the country of Malayu : namely Jambi and Palembang, Karitang, Teba, on the other hand Dharmashraya along with them, Kandis, Kahwas, Manangkabwa, Siyak, Rekan, Kampar and Pane, Kampe, Haru, and Mandahiling too, Tumihang, Parlak and Barat.
  2. Lwas with Samudra and Lamuri, Batan, Lampung and Barus, These are the most important ones of those belonging to the country of Malayu, one country, equally executing (orders), following (commands). Otherwise then: the island of Tafijung-Nagara: Kapuhas with Katingan, Sampit and Kuta-Lingga and Kuta-Waringin. Sambas and Lawai.
[Canto 14]
  1. Kadangdangan, Landa, on the other hand Samedang. Tirem unseparated, Sedu, Buruneng, Kalka, Saludung, Solot, Pasir, Baritu, Sawaku, also Tabalung, Tufijung-Kute, with Malano, having for principal town then: Tanjung-Puri.
  2. Those that belong to Pahang, the principal, to be sure, is Hujung- Medini. Lengkasuka, on the other hand Saimwang, Kalanten, Tringgano, Nashor, Pakamuwar, Dungun, Tumasik, Sanghyang Hujung, Kelang, Keda, Jere, Kanjap, Niran, one island, altogether.
  3. All those east from the Javanese country there also are to be described : Bali, having for principal places, to be sure: Badahulu and LwaGajah, Gurun, having for principal place: Sukun, Taliwang, Dompo, Sapi, Sanghyang Api, Bhima, Seran, Hutan Kadali altogether.
  4. Also, to be sure: Gurun, one island with the name Lombok-Mirah, with the Saksak (country); the first of those that are called the principalities, all of them, also the countries of Bantayan, the principal is Bantayan, on the other hand Luwuk, then the (countries) of Uda, making a trio; these are the most important of those that are one island, altogether.
  5. Those that are (enumerated) island by island (are): Makasar, Butun, Banggawi, Kunir, Galiyao and Salaya, Sumba, Solot, Muar, and the Waudan (country), Ambwan and Maloko too, Wwanin, Seran, Timur. These make the first of the numerous islands that are mindfuI.
[Canto 15]
  1. Such is the aspect of the other countries, protected by the Illustrious Prince; verily, to be sure: Syangkayodhyapura, together with Dharmanagari, Marutma and Rajapura, and Singhanagari too, Campa, Kamboja. Different is Yawana, that is a friend, regular.
  2. Concerning now this island of Madura, this is not at all of the same aspect as the foreign kingdoms, because of the fact that it has been one with the Yawa-country, so it is said, at that time in the past: "The oceans carry a country" (124 = 202 A.D.), such is their Shaka-year, one hears, their moment to become provided with an interstice; (nevertheless) they are one in essence, not far away (from each other).
  3. Already the other continents are getting ready to show obedience to the Illustrious Prince, alike orderly they bring in all kinds of products every ordained season. As an instance of the honoured Prabhu's exertion for all the good that is taken care of by him, ecclesiastical officers and mandarins are sent to fetch the produce regularly.
[Canto 16]
  1. That custom for the honoured ecclesiastical officers, going to other countries, in the past, has been: it was forbidden that they of their own accord should fix their eyes on any goal; without fail they would perish. it was allowed when the Prince commanded, any travel whatsoever, in order to consolidate the Shiwa-Way; the fruit thereof is: they will not err.
  2. Concerning these, the honoured ecclesiastical officers of the Sugatavow (Buddhists) here, one hears that, even though there should be an order of our lord; it would not be any travel, wheresoever, to be sure. Forbidden is: all the west of this Javanese country, all of it. Never has there been in oIden times a Buddhist who went there, so it is said, (which would have been an example) possible to be followed.
  3. Verily the other countries there, all to the east of the Javanese country, Gurun, Bali are the principal ones, allowed is any travel there. The covenant of the worshipful the great sage Bharada, so it is said, was firm. The partner was the honoured prince of sages Kuturan, renowned, one hears.
  4. Because the honoured ecclesiastical officers are ordered for travels, their worships, according to rank, those who are sent either West or East, anywhere, have a custom already: what is held in readiness by those who perform all orders of the any wiku (ordained priest) every time when he speaks affords pleasure to those who see him.
  5. Then, surely, the other lands, anywhere, that are in the guardianship of the Javanese Royal compound, are executing any orders of the honoured Prince, equally, faithful in conduct. Even though there were any commandment-breakers, they are visited by expeditionary forces and annihilated, altogether, by the activity of those (warriors) there who belong to the Jaladhi (sea) mandarins, numerous, glorious.

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